Proud of My Stripes



Meet Gwenn- she/her

Why did you name your sock 'Proud of My Stripes'?

As someone who very much believes in our amazing human capacity for change, the expression "a tiger can't change its stripes" always seemed so confining to me. That said, I knew for sure I was genderqueer as a 12 year old, but didn't begin come out until almost 20 years later, so my progress pride tiger is a nod to the parts of me that never changed, even as I kept them hidden. It's a celebration of the flag's stripes as well as my own!
What was the inspiration behind the design?
Proud of My Stripes was originally designed as a patch I could sew to the back of my winter coat, because I finally felt ready to be fully me--a low-key genderfree womanish person--even among strangers.
What/who brings you joy?
There's nothing like a good book. I just finished listening to Hannah Gadsby's Ten Steps to Nanette, and now I'm into Danielle Evans' The Office of Historical Corrections. Books make me so happy that sometimes they make me sad too--when I think of all the memoirs and novels I won't have time to read.
If you could speak any language what would you choose and why?        
For a few months when I was 20, I trained to be a mime in Paris. On returning home from that adventure I realized that I was fascinated by gesture and by all the ways human bodies can communicate visually, so I signed up for an American Sign Language class. I never got a real handle on the language, but I'd be thrilled to understand just half the nuance contained in every gesture made by fluent ASL speakers.
What was the last thing that made you laugh?
Probably a fart--the noisier the better! In fact, it's one of my favorite things about myself. When flatulence makes you laugh, it's hard to go a day without a good giggle.

You can see more of Gwenn's art here.

About the shirts:

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