Remember the days when we could learn about local artists through coffee shops, street fairs, and festivals? And we could revel in the beauty of their artwork as we flipped through their stack of prints at their booth or admire the artists brush stroke details as we sipped on a hot mocha latte.  

So do we and oh do we miss seeing them and their beautiful artwork. That's why this year we are creating space to bring you up and coming artist across the country to shine light on their art and bringing it to fashion, on shirts.  

Here is where you will find amazing artists brought together to expose you to their creativity as a way to continue building our community and inclusivity.  So grab your latte, cocktail or water and pursue our one and only uniquely designed shirts for you.

Keep coming back.  We are adding new artists all the time.

Click the shirts to get yours and to get to know the artist.   

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  • Custom shirt from Gwenn Seemel- Proud of My Stripes

    Proud of My Stripes

    Meet Gwenn- she/her Why did you name your sock 'Proud of My Stripes'? As someone who very much believes in our amazing human capacity for change, the expression "a tiger can't change its stripes" always seemed so confining to me. That said, I knew...

  • Custom shirt from Katrina Adams- Perfectly Imperfect.

    Perfectly Imperfect

    Meet Katrina- Why did you name your sock 'Imperfectly Perfect'? We all have an idea of what is ‘perfect’, yet we all have different tastes, style, wants, needs, likes and desires. Perfectly Imperfect is about acceptance of diversity and...

2 of 2 Items