Livin The Dream- Took On New Meaning

Livin The Dream- Took On New Meaning

Posted by Rachel Smith on Oct 2nd 2018

Right after this photo was taken of my Mom, her Deaf cousin, Helen and I, a woman came up to me and said, "you don't know me but can you keep a secret?"  I wasn't sure where this was going and not sure what to say other than yes because I had a feeling no matter what I said, she had the need to tell me something.

After I said yes, she smiled.  Not just any kind of smile but the kind I knew I was about to be told something amazing.  She smiled even bigger and said, "earlier this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and it didn't make sense to me since I am so young.  Through out all my treatments, my wife and I wore the Pride Socks Livin the Dream shirt (the one all three of us are wearing in picture) and it served as a reminder that yes I am living the dream.  It might not ever make sense as to why I got breast cancer so early in life but I am now 2 months out, alive and living the dream.  The shirt was what kept my mind in focus to beating the cancer, and maintaining a positive outlook on life."

I was stunned at what she told me because it wasn't what I was expecting even though I had nothing in mind.  I hugged her tight and thanked her for sharing her story.  She left and disappeared into the crowd but I sat there in silence, even though the crowds around me were going nuts cheering on their favorite roller derby team, competing for the Cavello Cup.  

Here is why- I designed that shirt in mind to serve as a reminder for people be proud of who they are, to live their best life and know they deserve it.  I also wanted it to provoke thought and act as a catalyst for positive change for anyone reading the shirt passing by the individual wearing it.  I didn't realize it would impact someone going through chemo and act as a force to overcome and beat a disease that isn't easily taken down.  It's taken me days to let this sink in and I do not think the full impact has made complete sense to me yet.  All I know at this given moment is, I am the proud owner of Pride Socks.