Sky's The Limit- What YOU Are Helping With.

Sky's The Limit- What YOU Are Helping With.

Posted by Rachel Smith on Nov 16th 2018

A little over a year ago, we collaborated with Sky Brown to design a unique sock that spoke to who she is and what is important to her.  We named it Sky's the Limit because if you know her, you know that everything about her is limitless.  Sky is the youngest pro skate boarder from Japan and she uses her incredible skating talent to draw attention.  Not directly to her, but indirectly to create awareness in areas of need.  

While traveling to Cambodia she met a few friends.  After hanging out and teaching them how to skate and boosting their morale, it did not make sense to Sky why they lived in extreme poverty.  Why were her basic survival and educational needs easily met and theirs were not?  Why did the kids have to walk the streets begging for money so their family could eat?  It was then, Sky knew she had to do something to help make a difference in the lives of her new friends in Cambodia.  So together we designed, Sky's the Limit, and for every pair of socks you purchase, $5 goes directly to ISF in Cambodia where they take kids off the street begging for money and into the classroom.  

To know a little more about ISF: It costs approximately $135 per month to provide each child/family the following: Education, healthcare, food and family support which includes school from 7am-4.45pm, breakfast and lunch, uniforms, school materials, monthly food supply for the family, vaccinations, medical check-ups and treatment, extra-curricular activities and sports, and employment training. 

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To purchase a pair of Sky Brown's, Sky's the Limit sock, click here.