Sky's The Limit


Featured Artist:

Sky Brown is a 9 year old skate boarder from Japan.  She uses her incredible skating talent to draw attention, not directly to her, but indirectly to create awareness in areas of need.  While traveling in Cambodia she met a few friends.  After hanging out and teaching them how to skate and boosting their morale, it did not make sense to Sky why they lived in extreme poverty.  Why were her basic survival and educational needs easily met and theirs were not?  Why did the kids have to walk the streets begging for money so their family could eat?  It was then, Sky knew she had to do something to help make a difference in the lives of her new friends in Cambodia.

Inspiration For The Design:

Sky thought about what was important to her and started sketching a sock.  She reached out to Pride Socks with her ideas.  Together, Sky and Rachel, founder of Pride Socks, put their minds together and collaborated.  They flew out to Alabama and turned Sky's sketches into an actual sock.  

She included a wave and skate ramp with the sun shinning because she feels free to be who she is while surfing and skating.  She included brave, kind, strong, proud, fair, free and happy on the bottom of the sock because everyone has the right to be strong and happy, be treated fairly with kindness.  All the while being proud of who you are.  

The greatest part about this is with each pair of 'Sky's the Limit' socks purchased, $5 goes directly to ISF to help kids out of poverty and into the classroom, where they belong.

About ISF:

ISF believes every child has the right to education, healthcare and play. Unfortunately, the most disadvantaged children in Cambodia are robbed of these rights. ISF exist to give them back.  1 in 3 Cambodian children will never finish primary school, meaning most face a life without prospects, opportunities or hope.  Their Education Program focuses on children in the slums of the capital Phnom Penh whose extreme poverty mean they have never gone to school or have had to drop out. We provide them with a quality education and a real future, while working closely in their communities to lift entire families out of poverty.

It costs approximately $135 per month to provide each child/family the following: Education, healthcare, food and family support which includes school from 7am-4.45pm, breakfast and lunch, uniforms, school materials, monthly food supply for the family, vaccinations, medical check-ups and treatment, extra-curricular activities and sports, and employment training.

As of January 2019, you've helped us raise $4,825 to directly give back to ISF! 

To purchase a pair or two of 'Sky's the Limit' socks, click on the sock below.