Proudest Moments Campaign

Who are you proud of?  Let's tell them how awesome they are!



Join the "Proudest Moment Effect" by creating a campaign letting someone know you are proud of them and why.  Generate even more magic by gathering a coalition of friends and family to amplify the celebration by adding their messages, flooding their inbox with an outpouring of joy, love, and collective pride.


Let's turn their greatest accomplishment into an unforgettable symphony of support, making the moment truly unforgettable.  


Ideas of why you might be proud of someone: they are the first to graduate high school in their family, they rang the bell and are cancer free, they completed their first 5k, came out to their family, they are 2 months sober, graduated college as a single parent, they took the dog for a walk for 4 days straight, or went on a 2 week trip alone.  There are so many reasons to celebrate.  No reason is too big or small.


I want to do this but how?  Simply follow these steps:


This is FREE!  All you need to do is start the process. Simply click the red button and when you do, you will be taken to another page and asked 4 basic questions- your name, their name, emails, and when you want to start.



We will send you 2 emails.  One to welcome you with instructions on how to proceed.  A second one with a custom link to share with your friends and family so they can particiapte in sharing their sense of pride for the Recipitent.  All you need are 5 people to participate! 



We do the rest. We notify your Recipient a day before their campaign starts and send one note per day. Each note is a delightful surprise making the Recipient feel loved and proud for days on end. 


+ What is a Proudest Moment Campaign?
The Proudest Moment Campaign is a series of at least 5 "I am proud of you for" messages written to one Recipient, which we send via email to the Recipient one day at a time. It's a tool that creates joy, meaning, and connection for the Recipient. It's a way to show someone how proud everyone is for who they are.


+ Why start a Proudest Moment Campaign?
Because you want to surround your Recipient with love and let them know people recgonize what they've done and feel proud of them too. Our bodies actually change chemically when we feel valued, praised, and blessed.


Often times we don't see our own unique gifts, or how we positively affect others. A Proudest Moment Note shows them how they are and how their way of being is so special to everyone around them.


+ When do I use it?

When you are feeling proud of someone for their accomplishments.  They might be the first to graduate high school in their family, they rang the bell and now cancer free, they completed their first 5k, 3 months sober, etc.  It's a sort of digital ritual, a way for your Recipient to be seen and acknowledged during life's transitions.  Or sometimes we do not need a big event to let someone know we are proud of them. Just create one and let your community send their own reason why they are proud of them.


+ How do I start an Proudest Moment Campaign?
Fill out the form on our website, which will take you about a minute. We’ll email you a personalized link to write a Proudest Moment Note for your Recipient. Share with your Recipient's friends and family. Five Notes launches the campaign.


+ How do I get other people to participate in the Proudest Moment Campaign I’ve started?

When we send you the personalized link for your Recipient, we’ll also send you a sample email you can edit and forward to your Recipient's friends and family.  Share via email, text message, on FB or Messenger… as long as you share that personalized link, anyone can participate. They can spread the word too by sharing the link with others.


+ How much does it cost?

It's free! We created the Proudest Moment Campaign to bring more joy and connection into the world.  We believe in recognizing everyday people doing small or big, yet amazing things!


+ I just got asked to write a Note for someone. How do I write a meaningful response?

Great question! Take a moment to think about the person you’re writing to. Why do you feel proud of them?  The more specific you can be, the more meaningful your Note will be. Some prompts that might be helpful are:  

-I am proud of you because

-Remember when we were hanging out and you mentioned wanting to ___ and you DID it!

-I know this might not seem impactful to you but I am proud of you because

-You have a way about entering a room and making an impact.  Here is what I am proud of and see in you


You don’t have to be perfect or have the best grammer, just write from the heart. Be genuine and that’s going to shine through.


+ Who can read the Notes? Are they private?
Only the Recipient gets the Notes. The campaign starter can see when Notes are delivered but can't read them, and neither can the Note writers. For purposes of system maintenance and quality control, we at Pride Socks can see the Notes, but we don't read them. See our Privacy Policy for more info.


+ More generally, I'm still concerned with privacy. What do you do with my personal information?

Totally understood. We won't sell or exchange your personal information. We want the experience to feel as good for everyone as possible. Any of the information we collect from you is only used to operate a Proudest Moment Campaign, including communicating with you and others in the ways you have agreed to. You can read our full Privacy Policy here. We are doing this to help build communtiy through positive story telling and sharing.


+ Can people still contribute Notes to the campaign after it has started? Or is the start date the deadline for all Notes? Can I write multiple Notes?

People can still contribute Notes after the start date. They can also contribute multiple Notes if they like.


+ How long can an Proudest Moment Campaign go for?
Theoretically, the Produest Moment Campaign can go on forever! The average campaign lasts around 20+ days. The longest one we've had is 93 days!


+ I’m a Recipient of the Proudest Moment Campaign. It’s so sweet, but also rather hard to get these Notes.  Why?

Yes, sometimes it feels uncomfortable when so many people tell you wonderful things about yourself. But that's sort of the practice: accepting that other people love you and genuinely think you're amazing! We at Pride Socks really believe that gratitude is the secret sauce of happiness: for ourselves, for our community, for our world. That’s why we like to talk about accepting appreciations as the practice of “Grateful Receiving.” Receiving other people's appreciation lets others express gratitude, which is a gift to them. And your Grateful Receiving is really a gift to you too. For more in-depth information on receiving Proudest Moment Notes, you can go here.


+ I'm a Recipient of a Produest Moment Campaign. Do my Note writers know when I receive their Note? I feel internal pressure to send an individual thank you every time I get a Note.

We’ve got your back on this one! Note writers don't know when you receive their Note. When your campaign is about to end, we'll let you know. Then we’ll send you a link to write ONE thank you note that everyone will get. That way you can just relax and gratefully receive the Proudest Moment Notes without feeling pressure to respond to everyone individually as the experience is happening.