22" Knee High

All tubes are 22". Expect them to be over the knee for kids, knee high for most adults, and mid calf for tall adults.

We've named our socks because we realize as you chase and accomplish your dreams, you may need motivation or reminders to keep going.  All you need to do is slip on a pair of Pride Socks, look down and remind yourself....YOU GOT THIS!

Click on each style below to purchase and see additional images of our peeps rocking their Pride Socks!

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  • Match your knee high pride socks with your friends! best way to wake up is a bowl of lucky charms and pride socks
show off your love with matching pride socks and head outside for some quality time as a family. hanging out in my retro pride socks and my moxi skates
mom and daughter matching black rainbow striped pride socks

    3 Pairs of Any Knee High Rainbow Striped Tube Socks

    Share your unique beauty and happiness with our rainbow striped tube socks. Dance, run, and most importantly, rock to your own beat! Be proud of who you are!  Include which THREE pairs in the "Order Comments" when checking out.  We are...

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