Got Moxie? Wear your Moxie Pride Socks as you dance, skip, skate, or walk with confidence, fully embracing your true self. Show others that they can take pride in their identity too! Remember, your smile radiates that incredible Moxie in motion that people love to see!

Order now and be a beacon of love!  Be a part of something bigger, something colorful, and something extraordinary.

Expect your crew Pride Socks to be: 

-Mid-calf on most.  The foot is a one size fits most.

Our crew socks are made of 68% Cotton, 9% Spandex, 8% Nylon, 8% Elastane, 7% Polyester and proudly made in Taiwan!

We ship within 1-2 business days of the order placed.  You will receive shipping notification once your order leaves us and is happily on its way home to you!