Pride Socks Puppet Party

Pride Socks Puppet Party

Posted by Rachel Smith on Apr 7th 2020

Pride Socks wants to invite your kid(s) to our first ever Zoom Pride Sock’s meet up! What is it you might ask?! But of course, it is a Sock Puppet Party!!

Next Monday, April 13th we are hosting a virtual gathering for your kiddos to attend to help encourage creative time through making a sock puppet and bring our community together. 

There will be one session with a limit of 15 kids per session to help facilitate an environment we can all easily engage in. This will give each kid the opportunity to show off their puppet, participate in games, and get to know other puppets in a fun way!

In order to attend the gathering, your kiddo will need you to create a sock puppet (make it with any pair of socks).  Simply use materials around your house, like buttons, pebbles found on your walk, leftover Christmas ribbon, yarn and use a glue gun or practice your stitching - it’s time to get creative!

In addition to the puppet, please create a name tag that you can prop up in front of the screen so that we can easily address each other. And by name, we are talking about your puppet's name!! You are also welcome to join the party with your child if they wish - so long as you also have a puppet!

Possible supplies you might need to make your puppet:

  • Needle and thread, hot glue gun, buttons, pebbles, pipe cleaners, goggly eyes, felt, yarn, scissors, and/or cardboard

Here are a few DIY videos we found on YouTube and just examples on how to make them. Get creative because we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

- How to Make a Sock Puppet Youtube , Creative Minutes, and How To Make Sock Puppets

RSVP:Sign Up Here! *Please use the same email in the form as the email you are using for your zoom account* We will email the first 15 people to sign up for each session to confirm your RSVP and provide more details including the zoom meeting invitation and what to expect!

When: Monday April 13th, from 6:00-6:30 pm (central time zone)

Where: Zoom - Set up a free account here