...being a mom and supporting other moms.

...being a mom and supporting other moms.

Posted by Melissa on Feb 9th 2020

"My proudest moment is being a mom and supporting other moms. 

Vaginal, natural, medicated, un-medicated, in a hospital, in home, at a birthing center, in your car on the way to the hospital, via c-section - all births are beautiful and a miracle and each one is challenging and hard in their own way.

When I was pregnant with Pepper we took a hypnobirthing class - I thought I wanted a natural, vaginal birth. Mostly because that’s what my other friends did. But she ended up being breech and staying that way until delivery day.

Deep down I was thankful Pepper didn’t end up moving to a head down position because to be completely honest, every time we’d watch videos of vaginal births in the class in my mind I was like “ummm yeah, no - don’t sign me up for that.” I don’t know, I never really had this deep desire to prove myself one way or another when it came to how I’d birth my children.

I applaud and support all types of birth. Go you, mommas for doing what you need to do. All of our bodies are pretty amazing for what they can do; their abilities to grow a human, birth them; recover, provide nourishment, and perform daily tasks all while doing so is preeeeety awesome.

Thank you Misty McLendon Photography for capturing the scar from where my babies came from." -Melissa

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