Every BODY Can Dance- Challenge

Every BODY Can Dance- Challenge

Posted by Rachel Smith on Sep 16th 2021


We all have something in our soul that has been knocking on our door for days, years or even decades. Sometimes we answer and sometimes we go through life ignoring it.

For me, learning how to dance has been knocking on my door since I can remember. I didn’t start listening to music until I was about 14 and to this day, I really don’t hear lyrics, only beats. I’ve always attributed this to my parents being Deaf and music not being introduced to me in my early years.

Back in April 2021, I was introduced to the amazing Anastasia (@anastasia.allison) and wow did she spark some flames in me. She started her own shuffle (a type of dance) challenge 260 days ago and it has changed her life, quite literally, mine too.

I asked her back in May if she’d do a challenge with Pride Socks and without hesitation, she eagerly said yes. It has taken me this long to get the guts to put this challenge together due to my insecurities (we all have them) but here we are…


Who: YOU. Feel free to involve your kids, partner, mother, neighbor, or a stranger...

What: Move your body to music between 5-30 minutes daily for 31 days. Record yourself and either post on IG or share in your story. Use the tag #pridesocksdances and include which day it is. Example 1/31 (day one of 31) or 15/31 (day 15 of 31). Don’t forget to use #pridesocksdances so we can see our community glowing. An example post would be:

Me rocking out to my favorite beats. #pridesocksdances 3/31

Where: Anywhere- home, on the street, at work, the park, in the garage, in the woods, on the beach, or in the skating rink. Get creative (follow @anastasia.allison for motivation)

When: October 1st - 31st on Instagram. Be sure to follow us @pridesocks

Why: Movement is key for increasing your endorphins- your brain's feel-good feelings and gives your body a sense of freedom and pride.

How: Turn on your favorite music and start moving. Allow the music to move you.

Prize: 1st place: $75 gift certificate to Pride Socks + @kulacloth gear. 2nd place: $50 gift certificate to Pride Socks + @kulacloth gear. 3rd place: $25 gift certificate to Pride Socks + @kulacloth gear


1: Do I have to wear my Pride Socks in each video? No but we would love it if you did!! It will not affect your chances of winning. We are more concerned about you moving your body and feeling proud of yourself.

2: What if I forget to tag #pridesocksdances and add which day I’m on? That’s ok, we are all human. All you need to do is add the # in a comment

3: What if I miss a day or two- should I just give up? No way! Don’t ever give up on yourself. Keep moving!

4: What if I am too shy or insecure to post videos of me dancing? You aren’t the only one but don’t let that stop you. One of the reasons we are doing this is because I’ve been holding back from moving my body confidentially and I am 45 years old. I need YOUR help to get me past this and dang will I be sooo PROUD of myself with your help!

5: I am in a wheelchair. Can I participate? Ummmmm YES!!!! That is why we called this challenge, every BODY can dance. Move different parts of your body individually or collectively.

6: Do I need experience? NO! This is about freeing yourself and having FUN!!

Have any questions? Please email and ask away. This is going to be sooo much fun!!

XO- Rachel