Happy 10th Birthday Pride Socks!

Happy 10th Birthday Pride Socks!

Posted by Rachel Smith on Apr 3rd 2020

OMG! It's already been 10 amazing years since we've launched and every year we think it can't get any better and it does. It does because YOU always show up ready to take on the world by giving the best version of who you are. You make us proud, give us the energy to keep going and the drive to fill the world with more rainbows, sunshine and love.

A few words from our founder, Rachel.  I wanted to personally thank you for helping us achieve this amazing milestone of 10 years in business. When I started Pride Socks 10 years ago, I was heavily advised by many NOT to name our brand Pride Socks because there was too many negative associations with the rainbow and the word pride. I went against it because I had a vision for what we would become and could achieve.

You see, I born into the Deaf culture and raised by Deaf parents and shared this life with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. We were incredibly poor growing up so that meant we shared a lot of things and yes that meant socks! When I was 14, I was encouraged by my older sister to join the cross country team so I did. I knew nothing about racing strategy so when the gun went off to start my first race, I sprinted like everyone else then quickly became winded, started walking, and swore I would never run another day in my life. My coach, who was the first person to believe in me, had something else in mind. When I was getting on the bus for my second race, she handed me a card and all it said was, "I am proud of you." Those very 5 words changed my life and is one of the very reasons Pride Socks is named Pride Socks.

What I learned from my coach was EVERY ONE has something to be proud of. Sometimes it takes someone else to believe in you, hold your hand, then let you go! 10 years later after my first race, I became a high school special ed teacher for 12 years specializing in kids who were told they can't, they won't, they never will and sadly, they believed it. I took this opportunity to be my coach and created an environment where they had no other choice but to succeed. I explained to them what they were experiencing and why. I needed them to understand the feeling of success and feel that sense of pride in their accomplishments.

When my brother challenged me to start a sock company over 10 years ago, I knew I wanted to brand it around pride and rainbows. Rainbows symbolize hope and it was my hope Pride Socks would be the brand my coach was to me. You see, no matter who you are, we ALL have something to be proud of and I want to empower YOU to take pride in who you are so you live the best life YOU deserve. When you believe in who you are, we all benefit as a community. You become a catalyst and inspire others to live their best life as well. I do know it is not always easy, but I can tell you, it is worth it. We need you!

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow I am change. I am change for me. I am change for YOU. I am change for our community. I am change. Join me, be the change we need and help us all make a difference. I believe in you. From the bottom of my heart, thank YOU for helping us achieve 10 year of business. With love, Rachel.

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