Keeping it ethereal..

Keeping it ethereal..

Posted by Rachel Smith on Sep 1st 2021

Introducing Kathryn, Pride Socks featured September sock artist! ⁠

Every month we look forward to continue highlighting new artists brought together to expose you to their creativity as a way to build our community and inclusivity. We are creating this space to bring you up and coming artist across the country to shine light on their art and bringing it to fashion, on socks. ⁠

We met Kathryn on a group hike a few years ago and life hasn't been the same since! ⁠

We asked Kathryn what was her favorite thing about herself and incredibly she said, "I’m proud of the way I have overcome the cards that I was dealt, the hard knocks of life and the family I was born into. I’m also proud of the way I’m navigating the consequences of the choices I have made over the years. I may not bounce back with the quick resiliency of folks less sensitive to challenging events, but I’ve learned to rise up again and again when I find myself in a low place. I love the way I lean into hope and am mindful that everything is in divine order, whether I understand it all or not." Wow...just WOW!!⁠

To know more about Kathryn, her 'why' she named her sock, Ethereal and to purchase her socks, click here. Enjoy...⁠