Llota Llove For You!

Llota Llove For You!

Posted by Natalie Green on Aug 2nd 2021

Introducing Natalie, Pride Socks featured sock artist!  ⁠

Every month we look forward to continue highlighting new artists brought together to expose you to their creativity as a way to build our community and inclusivity. We are creating this space to bring you up and coming artist across the country to shine light on their art and bringing it to fashion, on socks. ⁠

To know Natalie is like having a ball of sunshine tossed with rainbow sprinkles and unicorns!! She is always smiling and ready for whatever life throws at her!⁠

We asked Natalie what was the favorite thing about herself and if you know her, this will not surprise you. "I'm mostly happy. I have a "get-back-up-again" attitude. I am a positive person despite my having epilepsy, cerebral palsy and IDD from a stoke that happened before I was born. I know my disabilities don't stop me- I'm an advocate for myself, and for others as well. To me, inclusion only works if we ALL belong!"⁠

To know more about Natalie, her 'why' she named her sock, Llama Llove and to purchase her socks, click here. Enjoy...⁠