...offering a loving and non judgmental space for my children

...offering a loving and non judgmental space for my children

Posted by Natashia on Jan 20th 2020

"As the years go by, my proudest moment changes. Which is a wonderful thing to be able to say really. That means there is constant growth happening, and to me, that's pretty important. Being a parent means we witness growth happen on the regular. Things change as the times go on and the one thing that goes really well with change, is growth

When Pride Socks sent an email showcasing a new sock, our home HAD to have a pair. Set out for the day, feeling a bit stronger, bolder, prouder, with this added support tucked away for just them. Just that little reminder that they're not alone, they are loved... seems so simple and straightforward, but sadly, so many don't have that. I'm proud that my children know I am here, I will always be here, NO MATTER WHAT.

So, today, my proudest moment is knowing that I am doing the best I can by offering a loving, non judgmental and supportive space for my children. So much so that they can (and really do) come to me with anything, and I will always love and accept them. I will sit with them, support them, listen, console, whatever it is needed in that moment. But above everything and always, I LOVE THEM." -Natashia

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