Saying YES...

Saying YES...

Posted by Kitty Ayers on May 12th 2021

My proudest moment is the day I chose to overcome my fear and say yes to a new urban adventure.

One day I was struck hard by my realization that I was well into the middle-aged stage of life and I knew I was stuck. Questioning how to go about adding meaningful and satisfying years to my life after experiencing the painful loss of my daughter on top of the uneasy footing of a marriage that felt stale, I knew a paradigm shift was in order. Social media led me to the impetus for getting moving. 

One of my heroes, Pattie Gonia, shared a post on Instagram for a community hike at Griffith Park, 66 miles from my Southern California home, and it said, “Tickets limited to 100.” I hesitated for only a second and then clicked on “One ticket”. Was I really going to figure out how to make this happen in spite of the fact that I do not drive in L.A. traffic? Yes! I chose my train route and schedule and realized I’d need to spend the night in order to make it to the park on time. Then I found a hostel where I could stay. Hostel? Alone? Me? 

The thought of sleeping in a bunk in a coed space filled with local professionals and international millennials at first brought on anxiety, but, to my surprise, it resulted in a good night’s sleep. The hike was a dreamy joy-filled day, and the whole experience created an internal reset that has spurred yeses winning out over fear again and again.

Grief is my silent partner, but it lives beside my comforting belief that life is still beautiful. Some days are harder than others and my relationships can lift my spirits as well as wilt them, but I’m finding my way. Taking on the challenges of developing as an artist and writer are helping me navigate. 

My goal is to experience days with joyful moments and personal and professional growth as much as I can, and to do my part to support a similar path for others. My choice to say yes to that hike, which at first seemed out of reach or too much of a hassle, allowed me to shift my gears from stuck to forward momentum. Watch me go!