...seeing Jordan Grace reading books!!

...seeing Jordan Grace reading books!!

Posted by Maria on Oct 13th 2019

"Our oldest daughter Ana Maria started asking and praying every night for a little sister. We tried for nine months to get pregnant, finally when the test came back positive we were over the moon with excitement.

Our world came crashing down at twenty weeks pregnant when we found out our baby on the way not only had a heart defect, requiring open heart surgery, she also had a high chance of having Down syndrome (Ds). The genetics doctor told us that she wouldn’t be able to feed or dress herself, that she would be a burden to us and society and that she most likely would end up in an institution. I had never known anyone with Down syndrome so I believed him.

The next few months were filled with darkness and tears. I refused to read or learn anything about Ds because I wanted to get to know our daughter for who she was not for what she had.

As soon as Jordan Grace was born and placed in my arms, I made her a promise that I would be her biggest cheerleader. I taught her everything the same way I did with her older sister.

There have been so many moments of pride. We celebrate every single small achievement and at four years old when she began to read, heart about burst out of my chest. She’s smart, she’s kind, she’s loving, she’s everything our other daughters are. We are so blessed she is ours!!" - Maria

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