...seeing Laksh spread love and being loved in return!

...seeing Laksh spread love and being loved in return!

Posted by Rachel Smith on Oct 7th 2019

Laksh was diagnosed with Down syndrome and Hirschsprung's disease a couple of days after his birth. Laksh is our rainbow baby, our first born, and the answer to all our prayers and more. Unfortunately, there are some people in the world that don't see him that way. They look at him and see 'Down Syndrome' and see these so called limitations that they have been conditioned to believe he should have. But that is not Laksh at all. Laksh turned two on the 1st of August. He walks, climbs stairs, and has just started to run a little. He says a few words like Mumma, Dadda, dog, pig, book, Nana (grandfather in Hindi), but most of all he communicates with his actions and words combined. He can sign a few words like more, all done, milk, water, shoes, socks, eat, all done, etc. He loves music and can open the YouTube app all by himself to play his favorite songs. Every single day, my little munchkin is learning something new and teaching us as well.

The reason I want to share our story with the world is that I do not want any new parents to go through what we did. I want all parents to celebrate their children and not worry about things that we cannot control. I want these parents to look at us and see how lucky we are to have been blessed with such a beautiful child and a wonderful journey. And I want them to believe that they are going to have the same journey or an even better one with their little guy or girl. I also want to help break the stigma associated with disabilities that are still very much prevalent in many communities all over the world. I invite you guys to be a part of Laksh's journey and help us achieve just that.

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