Let's Be Honest, Momming Is Hard!

Let's Be Honest, Momming Is Hard!

Posted by Stacey Thompson on Mar 29th 2019

Let me be honest, this shit is hard! I preface my proud mom moment because some days I am just proud to have kept two small people alive. And I am proud that I bit my tongue several times that day and kept my patience in moments that my brain was exploding with emotion.

And then there are those magical moments that keep me pushing forward. The moment my child starts recognizing words in the book I am reading and he is reading to me! That was 6.5 years of night after night reading books even when I thought I couldn't give one more minute. I am proud that my child now confidently talks in front of his class after years of hiding behind my leg or sitting in my lap the whole play date. I am proud when out of the blue my son says, "remember we are suppose to love everyone just like pastor John said" when referring to a nice exchange we had with a complete stranger; he is listening and he is watching my every move.

And my daughter is a piece of the most delicious pie you could ever taste. I think she really just came this way and I am proud to foster her compassionate, gentle, sensitive soul. And because she is such a gentle soul, I am proud when she yells at her brother to stopping being a jerk to her. Along with fostering her gentleness, I am proud to foster a "when I say no, I MEAN no" spirit in her. She too is blossoming into a more confident being, and though for me it has been hard at times to have her want to "crawl inside of me", I have been mostly patient knowing she would come out of her shell.

I am proud to let my kids be exactly who they are and seeing it raise their confidence. If my son wants to wear a dress, or his "heel highs", so be it. If my daughter prefers to play with hot wheel town and race cars, hell yes! Thankfully I realized before having kids that we come the way we come. I am not here to "create" a certain person. My job as a mom is to allow my kids awesome to shine through and to give them some boundaries so their egos don't get too big, but that they have a healthy self-esteem to be all that they can be. AND to respect the same journey for everyone else they come in contact with.