Texas 4000: Riding With Pride.

"I have a bit of a story for y’all. I am Jimena Gamboa Bonilla, a 2018 Texas 4000 Rider. Texas 4000 is a nonprofit organization that fundraises for cancer research through the world’s longest charity bike ride. This summer, alongside 69 incredible team mates, I rode my bicycle from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska. A very physically taxing journey, but, to my surprise, much more emotionally. 

Here is where the story begins. A teammate of mine, Valeria, introduced me to Pride Socks and its mission.  During the first week of the ride, I got one of the hardest calls of the summer. I was in Houston, while our other teammates were in Dallas. One of my teammates, who I love so dearly reached out to me. He is the only openly gay man on our team and he was feeling a little down. I didn’t know what to do… Until I remembered Pride Socks. I thought that something so small could never help him completely, but just wearing these socks with these beautiful colors would help him feel comfortable. Socks are also one of the few ways we can show our individuality during the ride because we all have the same bike, jersey, chamois, shoes, and helmet. So socks give us some space for creativity.

Fast forward two weeks.

My dear friend gets the socks… Y’all also sent a special note along with the socks. He was amazed. Amazed that there was something he could wear everyday to show his pride as he did such an amazing journey. I don’t have the words to thank y’all. Who knew socks could literally support someone all the way to Alaska. I am forever grateful." -Jimena Gamboa Bonilla