Plant Lovers



Meet Latasha-

Why did you name your sock "Plant Lovers''?

I am obsessed with the joy and peace that plants bring into our lives. I am always adding plants to every aspect of my life.

What was the inspiration behind the design?

I used a lot of plants that I have in my home and even some that I am still dreaming of meeting in real life!

What is the last thing you did that made you proud?
I have a collection of apparel with a big outdoor brand coming out Summer 2021. It feels surreal to know that my artwork can shared on such a large scale.

What/who brings you joy?

I find joy in cooking delicious food. Bonus points if the ingredients came from my own garden!

What is something about you that no one else knows?

A secret fact about me was that I was one of the best pop warner football players in Baltimore City back in 2005 when I was 13yrs old!

You can see more of Latasha's art on her Instagram page.   

About the socks:

Plant Lovers Pride Socks are tubes approximately 16 inches and are made to fit both KIDS and ADULTS. Expect them to be:

-under the knee to knee high for kids

-mid-calf for most adults

Plant Lovers Pride Socks are made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex and proudly made in the USA!

We ship within 1-2 business days of the order placed.  You will receive shipping notification once your order leaves us and is happily on its way home to you!