Remember the days when we could learn about local artists through coffee shops, street fairs, and festivals? And we could revel in the beauty of their artwork as we flipped through their stack of prints at their booth or admire the artists brush stroke details as we sipped on a hot mocha latte.  

So do we and oh do we miss seeing them and their beautiful artwork. That's why this year we are creating space to bring you up and coming artist across the country to shine light on their art and bringing it to fashion, on socks.  

Here is where you will find amazing artists brought together to expose you to their creativity as a way to continue building our community and inclusivity.  So grab your latte, cocktail or water and pursue our one and only uniquely designed socks for you.

Keep coming back.  We are adding new artists all the time.

Click the socks to get your pair and to get to know the artist.   

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  • the love bats designed by missi from giggle box in austin texas for pride socks

    Love Bats

    Meet Missi- Why did you name your sock "Love Bats"? I live in Austin Texas, which is known for its incredible bat sightings. Each night about 1.5 million Mexican free-tail bats emerge from a downtown bridge to blanket the sky as they head...

  • Pride socks artist series name Ethereal.  bringing artist together to celebrate all of humanity


    Meet Kitty- Why did you name your sock "Ethereal"?There are layers of meaning here. The title refers to the image itself which is abstract and celestial. It also relates to a fantasy I have where I get to live a life surrounded by lush dreamy colors...

  • llama socks from pride socks made in the artist series from natalie green in utah support various artist around the world as they design socks for pride socks in austin texas

    Llotta Llove

    Meet Natalie Green- Why did you name your sock "LLOTTA LLOVE"?I named them LLOTTA LLOVE because we always say that Pride Socks are like a big hug on your feet. I feel like the world needs a little more love and inclusion right now.  There is a...

  • keeva richardson of austin texas designed these cloud socks

    Sunrise and Little Clouds

    Meet Keva Richardson- Why did you name your sock "Sunrise and Little Clouds''? It’s a reminder that tomorrow is a new day, with new possibilities. This sounds like a cliché’, but it’s often true, the morning brings a new...

  • respect the drip t jay santa pride socks.  introducing artist highlighted socks in time for pride and love.

    Respect the Drip

    Meet T. Jay Santa Ana- Why did you name your sock "Respect the Drip''? Based off the meme, and also a mantra to myself, “Respect the Drip” is a reminder to honor my art style, no matter what kind of reaction it elicits. As a painter,...

  • latasha is an artist from denver colorado and loves plants and designed this for pride socks in austin teas wear your plant lovers pride socks when you garden and are proud of who you are.

    Plant Lovers

    Meet Latasha- Why did you name your sock "Plant Lovers''? I am obsessed with the joy and peace that plants bring into our lives. I am always adding plants to every aspect of my life. What was the inspiration behind the design? I used a lot of...

  • celebrate cat tail connections with the deaf gay artist from salt lake city utah with pride socks in austin texas

    Cattail Connection

    Meet Zoe- Why did you name your sock 'Cattail Connections'? I chose “Cattail Connection” because the cats’ tails connect together and unify the scene. What was the inspiration behind the design? I am an astute observer of the...

  • pride socks works with various artist to design a sock and create a wider community of artist and designers.

    Live Outside the Lines

    Meet Camille- Why did you name your sock 'Live Outside the Lines'? This speaks to me because growing up, I felt like the black sheep of my family and I didn’t follow the path that was expected.  Each person is an individual –...

8 of 8 Items