You Are Incredible, You've Helped Us Raise...

You Are Incredible, You've Helped Us Raise...

Posted by Rachel Smith on Sep 17th 2018

OMG! In one week, you've helped us raise over 2k to give back to Ruby's Rainbow! We are over the moon! If words could be expressed through an image, Ruby does exactly that for us in the picture above. With her arms stretched out as wide as they will go, to show YOU how much we love you....times infinity!

If you are finding out for the first time, we collaborated with Ruby of Rubys Rainbow to design a sock, Dream Big, that encompasses all the things that she loves. 

When Ruby was born, unexpectedly with Down syndrome, her parents started the nonprofit, Ruby's Rainbow and she became the face of the nonprofit. Ruby's Rainbow is a nonprofit that grants scholarships to adults with Down syndrome go for their dreams of higher education and independence! Since 2012, they have awarded $643,000 in scholarships to over 200 adults with Down syndrome all over the country! And that number will only continue to grow!

The amazing part, for every pair of Dream Big socks you purchase, $5 will go directly to Ruby's Rainbow. When you put your 'Dream Big' socks on, smile big knowing you are creating more opportunities for those with Down syndrome to go for their dreams and attend college. Did you know October is World Down Syndrome month? Get your socks in time to show your support!

Heads up, we are on back order for the women's crew sock HOWEVER, do not let that stop you from ordering. We will ship all other socks to you and when we are back in stock, we will automatically send them your way.

Again, we couldn't do this without you, THANK YOU!

Love and Cheers!