...Not Ever Giving Up On My Dreams!

...Not Ever Giving Up On My Dreams!

Posted by Alex Bolden on Oct 28th 2019

"My dreams are big and I fail a lot but I don’t give up because you never know when the hard work is going to pay off. I know that if I keep doing my best and learning from my mistakes I will succeed and live my dreams.My big dreams were: I wanted to get my 200m individual medley time under 4:30 and …
...seeing Jordan Grace reading books!!

...seeing Jordan Grace reading books!!

Posted by Maria on Oct 13th 2019

"Our oldest daughter Ana Maria started asking and praying every night for a little sister. We tried for nine months to get pregnant, finally when the test came back positive we were over the moon with excitement.Our world came crashing down at twenty weeks pregnant when we found out our baby on the …
...seeing Laksh spread love and being loved in return!

...seeing Laksh spread love and being loved in return!

Posted by Rachel Smith on Oct 7th 2019

Laksh was diagnosed with Down syndrome and Hirschsprung's disease a couple of days after his birth. Laksh is our rainbow baby, our first born, and the answer to all our prayers and more. Unfortunately, there are some people in the world that don't see him that way. They look at him and see 'Down Syn …
Proudest Moment Post Card

Proudest Moment Post Card

Posted by Rachel Smith on Nov 9th 2018

You know that time when you completed that ONE thing that was so HARD and you felt so proud of yourself BUT you didn't tell anyone because you didn't know how they would react?  Well that time is over.  It is time for you to shine and share your story!  It may not be easy, but wh …
Texas 4000: Riding With Pride.

Texas 4000: Riding With Pride.

Posted by Jimena Gamboa Bonilla on Sep 20th 2018

"I have a bit of a story for y’all. I am Jimena Gamboa Bonilla, a 2018 Texas 4000 Rider. Texas 4000 is a nonprofit organization that fundraises for cancer research through the world’s longest charity bike ride. This summer, alongside 69 incredible team mates, I rode my bicycle from Austin, Texas to …

A Teacher and Her Classroom

Posted by Ashley Somics on Mar 29th 2018

As a teacher, you have the power to make a tremendous difference in a child's life.  In this particular classroom, the topic of discussion was kindness, self-pride and recognizing the power in yourself and others.  More importantly, sharing it with others. …

I Am Most Proud Of...

Posted by Rachel Smith on Jan 31st 2018

During our summer travel, we randomly asked people who they were most proud of and why. We weren't surprised when most people said their moms. Listen, be inspired and feel the love. …

One Person Show

Posted by Mical Trejo and Rachel Smith on Sep 3rd 2013

                     Mical is a dear friend of mine. It wasn’t always that way, just a recent discovery. By recent, 6 months but little did I know, it was a year and half in the making. It all started when I joined Dane’s Body Shop. After a …

Power To Be Me

Posted by Chef Raja on Jul 9th 2013

          While processing orders for Pride Socks, I came across Chef Raja’s order and for some reason, it had an impact on me. There was nothing special about his order, just a single pair of low cut socks. After putting it together, I thought to myself, I wonder if …

Powered With Pride

Posted by Rachel Smith on Jul 2nd 2013

It all started last August when we were vendors at Chicago Market Days and Keith LaBelle approached us with an idea. Months later, I received a follow up email from Ketih and months later, the ball started rolling; ‘Powered with Pride 5k’ in Louisville, KY was born! I was in love with the idea, a …